English Weekly Schedule

Below is a table of worship service, meeting, and fellowship schedule for the English congregation. For more information regarding each ministry, please visit the ministries section for details.

Sunday Location
9:15 AM Sunday Worship Service Sanctuary
Children's Worship Classes   click for rooms Classrooms
11:15 AM Second Worship Service Room 129
Children's Sunday School Classrooms
Youth Sunday School Classrooms
Adult Sunday School Classrooms
Wednesday Location
7:30 PM Church Prayer Meeting Rm. 160
Friday Location
7:30 PM AWANA Children's Club   information page Classrooms
TFC Middle School Fellowship   website Rm. 135
High School Fellowship   website Rm. 129
College Fellowship   website Rm. 123
New Life Fellowship (young adults)   website Rm. 116
  • Note: Community Groups are available and meet throughout the week. For more details, visit the announcements page.

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