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One Year Bible Reading Program!

Please join us this year in reading through the New Testament or the entire Bible this year.

August 13-19 readings

New Testament   >>   2 Corinthians 12 - Galatians 3

Entire Bible   >>   Isaiah 58 - Jeremiah 14

For the New Testament schedule for this year, visit 2017 NT Bible Plan.
For the complete Bible schedule for this year, visit 2017 Complete Bible Plan.

English Worship Service Times

Sunday mornings   ¦   9:15am in sanctuary, 11:15am in room 129  ¦   Parking Map

All are welcome to attend one of our English worship services on Sunday mornings. The main service is 9:15-10:40 in the sanctuary. The second service is 11:15-12:30 in room 129 for a smaller and more personal feel.

Children classes are provided during both worship services for children from nursery-5th grade.

Parking availability:
⇢  Parking Map
•  Church Parking Lots  - for Visitors, Disabled, Elderly, and families with Young Children
•  Garnier St & Pacific Sales Parking Lot  - for all visitors and members
•  Totex Manufacturing Parking Lot (Lomita Blvd & Telo Ave)  - additional parking lot
•  Torrance Memorial Specialty Center Parking Lot (Lomita Blvd & Garnier St)  - additional parking lot
Note: Due to limited parking, carpooling is highly encouraged.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Sundays mornings at 11:15am   ¦   June 4 - August 27   ¦   contact David Lau

Two classes are offered this summer quarter for Adult Sunday School:
•  Women's class: The Fruitful Life - The Overflow of God's Love Through You in conf room A (rm 109)
•  Men's class: Thriving in Babylon - Why Hope, Humility, and Wisdom Matter in conf room B (rm 119)

Contact David Lau for class info.

New Life Retreat

September 1-4   ¦   Registration ends August 20

The New Life fellowship will hold their annual retreat during Labor Day weekend, September 1-4. This year's theme, Work as Worship, will be addressed by guest speaker, Brian Chang, from Lighthouse Community Church. All young adults are invited to attend.

Health Fair & Mobile Medical Clinic

September 16   ¦   9:00-12:00pm   ¦   Flyer   ¦   contact Mei Tsai

The annual Community Health Fair will be held on Saturday, September 16, from 9:00am-12:00pm. The Mobile Medical Clinic hosted by Medical Mission Adventures will begin at 8:00am. All are welcome to attend for helpful information, free screenings, samples, and sandwiches! For questions or to volunteer, contact Mei Tsai.

Breast Cancer Seminar

October 7   ¦   2:00pm   ¦   Flyer   ¦   contact Yvonne Liu

A special seminar titled, "Breast Cancer & the Asian Woman," will be given by Dr Erin Lin, professor at UCI School of Medicine. Topics will include: maintaining breast health, breast cancer prevention & screening, advanced treatment options, and diet & nutrition. All are invited to attend this free community health talk. Contact Yvonne Liu (yliu3000@aol.com) for more information.

BOL 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

English Ministry Events  ¦   Download the 2017 calendar in PDF here

The 2017 calendar is updated as new events are added. Stay current with our church events on our Calendar Page.


Community Groups are intended to foster spiritual growth and mutual support in the context of a small group. Current Community Groups include:

New Life: young adults and grad students  •  contact Allen Duan
Nexus: adults in their 30s/40s  •  contact Jon Fong
Kairos: mostly married couples and young families  •  contact Kevin Ou
Promise: mostly married couples and families  •  contact Dan Lau
Covenant: mostly adults in their 40s with children  •  contact Terence Ou
Manna: mostly adults in their 40s/50s with children  •  contact Brent Liu
Agape: mostly adults in their 50s with adult children  •  contact Yvonne Liu
Koinonia: single and married adults  •  contact David Hui
Faith Fellowship: mostly senior adults with adult children  •  contact Gloria Duane

For more information or suggestions for a community group for you, feel free to contact any of the English ministerial staff.

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