Room Schedule

Room 100 Lobby Room 101 Secretary Office Room 102 Mandarin Pastoral Assistant Room 103 English Rev. Office Room 104 Cantonese & Mandarin Pastoral Assistants Room 105 Room 106 Copy Room Room 107 Storage Room 108 Wash Room Room 109 Conference Room Room 110 Cantonese Rev. Office Room 111 Mandarin Rev. Office Room 112 Mandarin Pastoral Assistant Room 114 Bath Room 115 Children\'s Ministry Directory/English Pastoral Assistants Room 116 BOL Senior Center Room 117 Room 118 Room 119 Room 120 Nursey Room 121 Woman\'s Bath Room 122 Men\'s Bath Room 123 Room 124 Room 125 Room 126 Lobby Room 127 Cry Room Room 128 Chapel Room 129 Multi-purpose Room Room 131 Dining Room Room 132 Dining Room Room 133 Sanctuary Entrance Room 134 Storage Room 135 Multi-purpose Room Room 139 Lobby Room 140 Storage Room 142 Kitchen Room 143 Cry Room Room 144 Storage Room 145 Storage Room 146 Sanctuary Room 148 Storage Room 149 Bath Room 151 Sanctuary Entrance Room 152 Storage Room 153 Men\'s Bath Room 157 Telephone Wiring Room Room 158 Storage Room 159 Kitchenette Room 160 Prayer Room Room 161 Woman\'s Bath Room 166 Room 167 Elders\' Office Room 168 Room 169 Room 170 Room 171 Accounting Office Room 172 Library Room 173 Room 174 Room 175 BOLCCC Assistant Director Room 176 Room 177 Children Ministry/Chinese School Room 178 Room 179 Room 180 Room 181A Room 181B Room 182 BOLCCC Director Room 183 Woman\'s Bath Room 184 Men\'s Bath Room 186 Storage Room 188 Woman\'s Bath Room 189 Men\'s Bath

Move the mouse over the floor map to view available rooms (highlighted).
Click on the desirable rooms to view combined room schedule. Click again to unselect the rooms.
To reset the combined calendar, click in the area above the map.

Reserve a Room:

To reserve a room for your activity, please fill out the request from here.

Apply to use the Church Facility:

To apply to rent the church facility, please download the following forms and submit them here.

If you have any questions regarding a church event or would like an application to use the church facility for a personal event, please contact our church secretary: Margaret,

To inquire about using the church for a wedding, please email:

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