Missions Conference

The 2017 Missions Conference is November 3-5. Our primary speakers are: Pastor Zhang (Chinese) and OMF Regional Mobilizer, David Pat (English). Action Missions will lead the Children's Program on Friday & Saturday night and speak in some Sunday morning sessions. Childcare for young children (ages 2-5) and the Nursery (ages 0-2) will be available for the Friday & Saturday night sessions.

┊┊   Missions Booklet   ┊┊

The church missions booklet provides church members an overview of the missions ministry including its committee members, objectives, and support list. This booklet will be made available throughout the Missions Conference.

By clicking the link below, you agree that this booklet is for personal use only and not for public distribution.

▸ 2017 Missions Conference Booklet ◂


┊┊   Conference Schedule   ┊┊

Friday Speaker Location
7:30 PM Chinese Session 1 Pastor Zhang Sanctuary
From the Function of the Church to see her Purpose of Existence
(Matt 22:37-39, 28:19-20)
English Session 1 David Pat Chapel
Missions is an Act of God (Acts 1:8)
Children's Program Action Missions Rooms 129/135
Saturday Speaker Location
9:00 AM Chinese Session 2 Pastor Zhang Chapel
Into the Church's Gospel Mission: Local and International (Acts 1:6-11)
English Session 2 David Pat Rooms 129/135
Diversity is an Act of God (Acts 2:12)
10:50 AM English Session 3 David Pat Rooms 129/135
Orphan Care should become discipleship for Missions
7:00 PM Chinese Session 3 Pastor Zhang Sanctuary
Creating the Opportunity for the Gospel at Any Time (Col 4:2-6)
Children's Program Action Missions Rooms 129/135
Sunday Speaker Location
8:00 AM Mandarin Session 4 Action Missions Room 129
9:15 AM Cantonese Session 4 Pastor Zhang Chapel
The Family as the Mission Center (Acts 10:1-33)
English Session 4 David Pat Sanctuary
Courage is an Act of God (Acts 4:18-20)
9:30 AM Mandarin Session 5 Action Missions Room 129
11:15 AM Cantonese Session 5 Action Missions Chapel
English Session 5 David Pat Rooms 129/135
Salvation for all is an Act of God (Acts 28:28)
Mandarin Session 6 Pastor Zhang Sanctuary
The Family as the Mission Center (Acts 10:1-33)


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