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1967 BOL is officially established (January).
Rev. Wesley Wang: Pastor
1969 Elder Richard Ting is ordained
1971 Purchase of land at 22525 Kent Ave (Torrance)
Mr. Paul Hsieh: Minister
1972 First Church Hall is constructed
Rev. David Cha: Pastor
1977 Rev. Joseph Cheng: Pastor 100
1979 Construction of Sanctuary & Education building 150
1983 Rev. Andrew Ho: Pastor
1984 Purchase of Parsonage at 4056 226th Street in Torrance
1985 English Congregation is established
Rev. Andrew Ho went to be with the Lord
1986 Rev. John Choi: Pastor
Elder Joseph Ho is ordained
1987 Cantonese Congregation is established
1988 The 6th General Assembly of LLWWEM Association in Indonesia
Minister Esther Wang: Mandarin Congregation
Orange County branch church is established
1989 Rev. Joseph Wong: Pastor (English)
1990 Rev. Grant Chen: Pastor (Mandarin) 400
1991 1st Youth Summer Camp
Dedication of the Glory Hall
Rev. Ernest Wong: part-time Pastor (Cantonese)
1992 The Golden Jubilee Celebration & 7th General Assembly of LLWWEM Association in Hong Kong
The 1st LLWWEM Mission Conference in Philippines
Dr. John Hutchison: Interim Preaching Pastor (English)
Rev. Ernest Wong: Pastor (Cantonese)
Rainbow Class (after school program) is started -Yahwei Wang
1993 Darren Lim: English Pastoral Assistant
Mandarin Afternoon Worship begins
1994 Minister Li-Chi Chao: Mandarin Congregation
Rev. Ernest Wong went to be with the Lord
1995 The 8th General Assembly of LLWWEM Association in LA, USA
Mrs. Katherine Wong: Cantonese Pastoral Assistant
1996 The Steering Committee is established to search for a potential
Church site to expand ministries in Torrance
Rowena Chen: LLCCC director
Abraham Liao starts the Gospel Station in south Pasadena
Rev. Daniel Low: Pastor (English)
Caleb Yeh: Mandarin Pastoral Assistant
1997 30 Years Celebration (1967-1997)
Byron Jung: Youth Minister
Scott Yoshikawa: English Pastoral Assistant
David Lau: Part-time Christian Education Minister
Min Kuang Ting: Mandarin Congregation Minister
1998 The 9th General Assembly of LLWWEM Association in Malaysia 700
1999 Afternoon Youth Training Class begins on 2/21
English Congregation adds an early worship service
Elder Paul Lam is ordained
Gospel Station begins the morning service as BOL branch church
Ted Law: Pastoral Resident
Rev. Wilson Lee: Pastor (Cantonese)
David Lau: English Pastoral Assistant
2000 Grace Chang: Mandarin interim minister (Esther Wang on Sabbatical)
Children ministry committee is established
Rev. Grant Chen: Mandarin Interim Pastor
Building Fund Committee is established
Hunran Adachi: LLCCC director
Enoch Liao: Pastoral Resident
Li-Chi Chao, Min-Kuang, Esther Wang: Mandarin pastoral assistants
Millennium Music Might
2001 Purchase of property at 2780 Lomita Blvd.
Mandarin Choir: Spiritual Companion CD Presentation
Alex Schweng: Pastoral Resident
Commissioning Service for Nelson and Eunice
Rev. Newman Chiu: Pastor (Mandarin)
English congregation realigns to a single service
2002 Chinese School begins
Moving from 22525 Kent to 2780 Lomita Blvd.
1st Worship Services at new facility (March 17)
Sale of Parsonage
Sale of property at 22525 Kent Ave.
North District Assembly of Ling Liang World-Wide Association
Commissioning Service for David and Alice

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